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Hello, We Are Ivana's Cafe

"Since before our grand opening in January of 2017, we quickly fell in love with the town of Plano... What we didn't know was how much more we'd fall in love with it by becoming apart of this wonderful community. We consider ourselves a very blessed cafe family, with a hardworking staff that enjoy serving others and not to mention the friendly and loyal customers who visit and support our business every day."
--Ivana and Kris Wyszynski

To learn more about Ivana's Cafe and how the journey began, please visit the About Us page, we'd love to share the story with you!

To learn more about what the cafe has to offer, please visit the Menu, Catering or Specials and Events pages!

Cheese Blintzes, Ivana's Cafe
Cheese Blintzes
Polish Breakfast Club, Ivana's Cafe
Polish Breakfast Club
Cheese Pierogis, Ivana's Cafe
Cheese Pierogis
Veggie Omelette, Ivana's Cafe
Veggie Omelette
Steak and Eggs, Ivana's Cafe
Steak and Eggs
Sausage and Fries, Ivana's Cafe
Sausage and Fries
Stuffed Tomato, Ivana's Cafe
Stuffed Tomato
Summer Chicken Salad, Ivana's Cafe
Summer Chicken Salad
Cabbage Rolls, Ivana's Cafe
Cabbage Rolls
Pierogies, Ivana's Cafe
Shrimp Dinner, Ivana's Cafe
Shrimp Dinner
Meatloaf, Ivana's Cafe
Dessert Platter, Ivana's Cafe
Dessert Platter
Meat and Cheese Platter, Ivana's Cafe
Meat and Cheese Platter
Fruit Platter, Ivana's Cafe
Fruit Platter
Ham and Cheese Platter, Ivana's Cafe
Dinner Plate, Ivana's Cafe
Dinner Salad, Ivana's Cafe
Chicken Parmesan, Ivana's Cafe
Waffles, Ivana's Cafe
Store Front, Ivana's Cafe
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Our Specialties

Serving up homemade European Specialties. We serve a large selection of daily breakfast & lunch choices, Friday all-you-can-eat fish fry, handmade burgers, homemade salads, soups & desserts.


Eggs Benedict, Ivana's Cafe


Chicken Wrap, Ivana's Cafe
Stuffed Pineapple, Ivana's Cafe


Chicken Parm, Ivana's Cafe

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